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Your Boat Budget Isn’t Big Enough!

A lot of time has been spent looking at boats lately, only to find out today we’ve been looking at the wrong boats. Let me explain. Anna talked to a well-respected boat broker today who tried to set her straight on the size of boat we need for our cruising plans. You see we’ve been looking at boats as small as 38ft. Mostly because of budget.  Our search parameters  did include the 38 to 42ft range, but according to this very wise broker, if we want to sail the Pacific with all the gear on-board that we want, we’ll need to look in the 42 to 45 foot range.

Anna tells him those boats are out of our budget. Simple, he tells her,  we need to expand our budget about fifty thousand dollars.  Of course he didn’t use those exact words. He was very professional and polite and he had a very good argument for doing so. He just didn’t understand that if we had another fifty thousand to spend on the boat, we would have been looking in that price range to begin with.

It’s all fine and dandy to say we want or need a $300,000 45 foot cat decked out with all the latest electronics, life raft, dinghy and brand new rigging, but if you don’t have that much money you have to cut back somewhere.  Does the dive compressor have to go?  How about the generator? Life Raft? Water maker? Radar? How long will the rigging last really?  Sometimes you have to make compromises. Decisions about what is absolutely necessary and what isn’t. What kind of safety risks are involved? What can’t you live without?

After all those questions are answered, only then can you determine with absolute clarity that

Your Boat Budget Isn’t Big Enough!

Update on Countdown

The countdown timer reads just 50 days. A little over a month and a half. To say that we’re all just a little bit excited would be an understatement. Except for maybe Jordan. Every day is spent reducing inventory and educating ourselves about boats and cruising.  The house has been on the market for a week and has been shown 4 times, but still no offers. Not like the good ole days in CA. Seriously potential buyer for the business. Yeah! That would be one less thing to worry about. If only some movement on the rentals.

It’s a struggle keeping the house spotless so people can come look at it, but a small price to pay. Those of you who have sold their house can relate I’m sure. A time line has been created and lists are written and adjusted daily. We just keep plugging on.   Doing all the little things that were doing daily can be frustrating because  we know that nothing big can happen until our house sells.

More stuff is being sold on Craigslist and e-bay yet still plenty to go. Ah the joy of down-sizing.

A Forced Entry

So my mom was writing the “extra weight…” page and wanted to add some photos of our pups, however she didn’t want to plug in the hard-drive so I had the choice … plug in the hard-drive (which requires plugging it into an outlet and into the computer) or write this blog post so here it is.

Hello my name is Kylan.  I’m a 14-year-old guy in love with the ocean.  So when people ask if I’m excited about going cruising, the answer always follows along the lines of, “HECK YEAH!!!”.  I’m more of a tech guy than an athlete. (My dad would say a geek or nerd. I prefer the term highly gifted in computational sciences ;P) Well I’m trying to get my dad to do more hacky sack with me so I gtg :).