What, still no Belize?

The weather just won’t cut us some slack. We took off from Bahia de la Asencion in a pouring rain. Knowing it wasn’t going to be perfect weather, but expecting it to be tolerable. We just wanted to get to Belize We’re all tired of getting beat up by the strong winds and big seas that we’ve been dealing with since we left Key West. About 25 miles south is Bahia de la Espirito Santo. It’s pretty much the last place to duck in and anchor protected from the weather for the next 100 miles to Belize. For fear of a mutiny, I reluctantly (not really) altered course for here to wait for calmer weather. Unfortunately that’s not expected for a few days. We’ll wait.
Because we have not officially checked into Mexico, we can not get off the boat. Not that there is anything here but a small Mayan village on the other side of the bay, but solid ground does sound appealing. So Belize will have to wait for a break in the weather, because nobody on Stray Catz are anxious to head back out to sea.

6 responses to “What, still no Belize?

  1. Carol rR Locke

    We have so enjoyed your account of your trip.Plrase stay safe you aren’t on any schedule.We sove you and are praying for a safe and fun filles trip.

  2. Big seas? I have this image of the beginning of Gilligan’s Island running through my head! I sure miss you guys! Stay safe and enjoy your little break from the rough seas. Sending much love your way!

    • Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… The song kept going through my head, over and over again. I’m glad there are no uncharted islands in that area 🙂
      We miss you too. Thanks for the love and thanks for reading.

  3. Stay safe! No reason to go out there when the seas are rough!!

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