Super Duper Update

It’s been a month since my last entry and a lot has taken place. There is far more than what should be just one blog entry, but I’m going to include it all in one long one just so I can catch up.

Back in January shortly after we got back from AZ we got a phone call stating that the building housing our one remaining ATM, had burned to the ground. We had to make a late evening trip to Johnson City to see if anything was salvageable. It did not look good at first but we went ahead with trying to break into the burned up ATM. After about 3 hours we made it in and pulled out our charred cash box, loaded with money. After a little research we found out that you can send in your mutilated money to the Treasury Department in DC and have it replaced. Instead of mailing $8400 in cash, we decided to deliver it in person, so of to DC we went. Unfortunately we had to delay it a week because of this thing called a presidential inauguration. While there the temperature barely rose above freezing and we saw snow multiple days of our visit, but that didn’t stop us from getting in some sightseeing along with the business we came for.

Kylan in front of the White House

The BIG NEWS, we got back from DC and within a week we got an acceptable offer on our house. YEAH!!! Of course that means pick a boat, so Anna and I jump back in the Prius and head back to MD to look at some boats there on our way to RI to look at a Seawind 1200 we’ve had our eye on for some time. Thank you to our friends Robert and Angela for watching Kylan while Anna and I traveled.

The boats in MD were disappointing, but we CSed with a nice lady in MD. Oh and did I tell you we took the dogs with us this time? The next day we headed off to RI, but stopped off to see the Liberty Bell in Philly.

Anna and I at the Liberty Bell

And the Statue of Liberty from the Jersey side.

Statue of Liberty hiding in the background

It was a bitter cold wind blowing, but at least the sun was shinning. Along the way we found out Anna’s dad had a heart attack. Praise God he is alright, with no permanent damage.
Arriving in Newport RI we CSed with a nice guy named Zain, in a one bedroom apartment on the third floor. Did I mention we had the dogs? Somehow it all worked and we went and saw the Seawind and another boat the next day. The Seawind looked good. Just like the pictures, but after seeing some of these other cruiser boats, I’m thinking storage maybe more important than I’m giving it credit for. This being mid February, I wasn’t thinking about all these boats being shrink wrapped or out of the water or both, so it made viewing them more interesting.
We did a little sightseeing in Newport where we met some great people in a little placed called the Mudville Pub.
Thank you to all who sent warning of the approaching storm. Since we still had one boat we wanted to see all the way back down in DE, we high tailed it out of RI early the next morning to avoid the storm of the decade. Drove straight through to DE only to find out that there was communication malfunction somewhere between the seller his broker our broker and us, because the boat was no longer in DE, but down in VA for the winter. We had seen this Dean before and were really looking forward to revisiting it. Especially so close to offer time, but no such luck.
So we headed over to Anna’s aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate her uncle’s birthday. Her cousin showed up and we had a really good evening. The next day we packed up for the drive home only to be blessed by a dog with diarrhea. (Did I mention we had the dog’s with us?) Well this made for a long ride home with many stops. Thank you to Charles and Arlene for being so patient and giving.

That pretty much brings us to today. Back home for a day or two as we prepare to head to FL to look at some more boats, maybe a boat show and visit with my sister and her family. After we see these last seven boats we’ll be making a decision, an offer and a move.

I’m updating my countdown timer to the scheduled closing date of this house. That is what it’s all about. Sell the house and go cruising.

Watchya got to say about that?