Still Waiting!

Today is December 7th. The anniversary of Japan’s raid on Pearl Harbor. I’m not sure if that is more nautical or aeronautical, but since I’m a former air traffic controller soon to be sailor, I thought I would mention it. It is truly a significant date in American history.

We all enjoyed the lessons at Emerald Coast Yacht Club in Pensacola, FL. Captain Mike and now Captain Peggy did a wonderful job making sure we were well taken care of. We stayed on a nice Beneteau 33 while we were there. It was fun staying on a boat again, although the 33′ mono-hull was maybe a little small for our family. Pensacola Bay has a lot of fun places to sail and explore, and seeing the many dolphins every day was great.

I’ve worked a seasonal position at UPS for the last two weeks to pass the time while we wait for an offer on the house, but today will be my last. I calculated that I made more money sleeping per week at my last job than I do busting my a$$ at UPS. I also believe that God was telling me that I’m not focused on what needs to get done around here.

Our house has been shown twice in as many days, but still no offer.

Starting Monday I’ll be focused on selling and donating items. I’ll be organizing papers for taxes. Setting up systems for businesses here that I’ll be unable to unload prior to departure. If they are still unloaded in time, all the better. Some systems I’ve already put in place are not working quite as planned, so tweaking is in order.

A trip to AZ is in the works for Christmas. This not having a job to report to is a blessing. I think I will get used to it.

Somebody please buy our house, because until you do, I’ll be still waiting!

Watchya got to say about that?