St. Augustine, FL

I admit it. I have been pretty sloppy about keeping up with this blog, the last couple of weeks. Not having internet access 24/7 really puts a cramp in my style.  We are currently in St Augustine, FL, and will be here through the 4th of July. We arrived Sunday afternoon after a couple of overnight sails coming up the coast. We had a calm weather window so we hustled up here, to meet our insurance requirements of being north of latitude 30 by July 15. The calm weather was nice for the ride, but we ended up motoring most of the way. I will back up on some later posts to fill you in on the highlights of the trip up here. We still have a few more miles north we need to go to be covered, but this town looks pretty cool, so we are going to check it out while we get a few repairs done.

The most important repairs include the mainsail and the dinghy motor. Unfortunately during one of our attempts to sail in light winds, with the boat rocking back and forth and the mainsail slapping accordingly, one of the seams popped and before we could get the sail down it tore the leech cloth. Nothing serious, but we couldn’t use the mainsail the rest of the trip.

During our road trip to TN in May, it apparently rained a lot in S. FL and we ended up with some water in the dinghy gas tanks. Our Yamaha 15 motor is sensitive and we had to get the carburetor cleaned. Since we like to anchor out and not tie up to a dock (mostly for financial reasons) being without a good running dinghy has been a nightmare.  Now we’re tied to a mooring ball here in St Augustine and well lets just say, the dogs will be a lot happier with transportation to shore. 🙂

We walked around town a little yesterday and Anna wasted no time trying to get Kylan signed up for school.

We have a lot more sightseeing to do, and the nice thing is how much more you get to see enjoy and appreciate when you have to walk everywhere.(my feet are sore)

The town seems to be very dog friendly which is nice. We don’t have to leave them on the boat all day every day.

Laundry day today and then we heard about some music on the beach thing so we’re going to check that out.

Manatees and dolphins are swimming all around where Stray CatZ is moored which is right off the shore from the Castillo de San Marcos and just north of the Bridge of Lions.


2 responses to “St. Augustine, FL

  1. Erika Knight

    Love your blog, very cool idea… Thanks for the friendly conversations and smiles, it was nice to meet your family and someday hopefully our paths cross again… Have a safe sail to your next adventure.. 🙂 The Knights~Erika Wesley and Casey.

    • Erika,
      We had a great time talking with you guys. We missed you when you went by in your dinghy, so we tried to send you light signals to invite you over to our boat, but I guess Brian’s morse code is not so good. We can’t wait to meet up with you and your family on our way back south in Nov.

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