Some news is both Good News & Bad News

Isn’t it funny how things in life happen for a reason. I like to think it’s because God has a better view of the BIG Picture than I do.

While I was signing the papers to finalize my retirement, I came across some small print that said I needed to be enrolled continuously in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program to continue those benefits after retirement. WHATTT!!!!! I can’t retire yet? but I’ve been looking forward to this day for months. How can you do this to me? What have I done to deserve this? AARRRRRGGGGGG! This is what I call BAD news. In fact I would call this VERY BAD news.

Ahh but wait, our house hasn’t sold yet. Preparations for retirement and departure haven’t been done that need to be done. Little things here and there. Things that weren’t going to get done to make the deadline. Hold on, does this mean I was just given a 4 1/2 month extension? It does. This is Good news. sort of.

Let me explain. I mean yes it sucks rotten eggs I’m not leaving town when I planned, but let’s look at the silver lining. Our house hasn’t sold yet, which means we still have a place to live for a while longer. We still have a ton of stuff to sell and get done around here in preparation for departure. The whole health benefits thing will continue after retirement (I found this out before final papers were submitted)

News is what you make it. Is it bad? Is it good? Does it matter? It’s news. Be sure to give thanks in all things, because even the worst news can be good news.

Watchya got to say about that?