Savannah? no Charleston.

We left St Simons Island with every intention of going to Savannah, but somehow we ended up in Charleston, SC. This time though it wasn’t because of any (ah-hem) mistakes put into the chart plotter. Originally we had planned on meeting Jordan and Lyra in Savannah where they were going to jump on board and ride with us up to Charleston, but life got in the way for Jordan. (sure glad I’m retired) Jordan got a job and the employer said please start right away, so plans got changed. Then as we were headed north we figured we would end up getting to the entrance to the Savannah river around midnight, which meant hanging out until daylight to run the inlet in visible light. Or… we could keep sailing all night and hit the Charleston inlet around noon and have great light all the way in. Not to tough of a decision figuring we need to get some parts for and work done on Stray Catz, and Savannah didn’t have the facilities.

We had a nice following sea, good stiff breeze, what more could we ask for? Wait! We didn’t ask for more. The seas did get a little exciting. Occasional waves breaking over the side and stern of the boat, but nothing scary, and around noon we reached the entrance to the Charleston Harbor.

We motored most of the way once we reached the channel and because of the ebb tide it took us almost two hours to reach the anchorage. We found a nice spot across from the Charleston City Marina and it looks like we will be here for a few weeks as we continue to outfit Stray Catz to our liking.

We did see a nice big sea turtle here to welcome us as we turned into the channel, but sorry Sam we were dealing with the sails right then and didn’t get a picture.

As a bonus, the second night here, we were welcomed to a nice fireworks show. Apparently the River Dogs had a game. I don’t know if there are fireworks every game, or just this one, but we enjoyed the show just the same. I just hope we don’t get too distracted by all the things to do around here that we don’t get the vital things accomplished.

Now if we could just get consistent internet.

Watchya got to say about that?