Safely waiting

We’re supposed to be anchored off some beautiful Bahamian beach, but we’re not.
As a fine welcome into the cruising lifestyle, our scheduled departure from east Florida off to the Bahamas has been delayed. Weather is not corroborating. We had planned to depart yesterday and thought we would be sipping umbrella covered drinks by now, but it is not to be. A front has come into the area and delayed us at least till Wednesday. Maybe Anna can find some more places to put things by then.
I’ll let you know.

8 responses to “Safely waiting

  1. What an adventure already! It sounds like you are up to meeting all of the challenges. I look forward to reading more. Hi, Kylan!

    Your neighbor,

    Pat Lenoir

  2. Good things come to all who wait.I could send you some umbrellas we have many here in Oregon

  3. Let us know your itinerary and we’ll follow! Be careful. Have fun!

  4. I admire your calm demeanor!

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