Road Trip

We just got back from a 5 day road trip looking at boats. We searched the east coast from Wilmington, NC  to Wilmington, DE. We looked at about  a dozen boats and found about two that looked promising.

Since we are saving every penny for the boat purchase, we made this trip on a shoestring budget. We utilized the web site (a great resource for those who like to travel and meet people wherever they go) and we stayed at Anna’s wonderful Aunt and Uncles house in DE. We did pay for one hotel that we got for half price on making the only big expense being the gas. But we drive a Prius / Hybrid so that was nominal.  We did a little boogie boarding in NC, and thanks to hurricane Issac got decent waves to ride. It was the first time any of us had been in that part of NC and we were happy to enjoy its beauty.

We went through historic Halifax, VA and learned a little about slavery in America, on our way to Washington, DC. Since this was a boat focused trip, our time in our Nations Capitol was very brief only affording a quick stop at the Lincoln Memorial and the Viet Nam War Memorial. Both very impressive and emotionally challenging.

That same evening we found ourselves at Anna’s families home. The next morning we were out looking at two more boats which took most of the day even though they were both located at the same marina.  We went out for a delicious crab dinner that night.  Up super early the next morning for the long drive back to Knoxville which started out under a Blue Moon.

It was amazing to see the difference in the boats that were taken care of and the ones that weren’t. We looked at boats that ranged in condition from having roaches and mildew to boats that were in immaculate condition.  We looked at Lagoons, Fontaine Pajots, Deans, Prouts, a Nautitech, and  a Jaguar. Boats ranging in length from 36 to 43 ft.  We looked at owners versions and charter versions of the Lagoons and Fontaine Pajots.  We saw leaky portals, leaky bilges, and leaky fuel lines.  We saw clean boats and dirty boats. We smelled good smells and stinky ones. Boats being advertised as cruise ready that weren’t and vice-a-verse. It was a good trip, but exhausting. A happy trip but frustrating. We learned a lot, but still feel ignorant. But hey we got to step foot on a boat for the first time in over half a year, and that made it all worth while. I will share my thoughts on the different boats in another post.

I don’t know when the next road trip will be, but I sure hope it’s on our way to see the boat we made an offer on.

When we go, you’ll be sure to know

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