New Years Eve

Moving down the east side of the Baja coast, our next stop was San Juanico. Not much to do here except beach comb, fish, dive, hike and visit the cruiser shrine, but other than that. We wanted to spend only two nights, but then came New Years Eve, so it turned into three. With nine boats in the bay and it being New Years Eve and all, we had to do something. A potluck and bonfire on the beach of course.

new-years4 new-years3 new-years2 new-years1

By 6:00 that evening every boat had arrived, and the celebration ensued. Mostly just swapping boat tails and advice. Then at cruisers midnight, (9pm) we uncorked the champagne and wished everyone a happy new year. By 9:30 the fire was put out and everyone was safely back on their boat.


There is a tree in San Juanico that cruisers have left mementos of their visit. We on Stray Catz were no different. We found a shell on the beach that weighed about 4 pounds (no exaggeration) so it wouldn’t blow away. We then wrote a poem on it in indelible ink before depositing it among the many other reminders of boats who have passed this way.


One day I went fishing with Jack and Bill from the boats Sea Fern and Tigger. Between the three of us we brought back four fish. Bill taking the prize.

tigger-with-fish san-juanico-b-showing-off-catch

On New Years Day we awoke to a beautiful sunrise and a slight breeze, so up went the sails and away we went.


Watchya got to say about that?