Miriflores locks

Coming up on the locks now. I hope your all ready.

7 responses to “Miriflores locks

  1. I was fun to watch Stray Cat go thru the Miraflores Lock. Capt. Ron

  2. watched you today at about 13:45. Not sure which cat was yours. Had 1 cat with sail boat on each side at the front, then 2 sail boats, then 1 cat with 2 sail boats behind that. Was cool to watch it.

  3. Tried to watch but the site says two of the web cams are out.

  4. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to capture your vessel. I’m on for ya Brian, but the webcam is still aimed at the parking lot and highway that passes by. Unless you’re portaging it around the locks, it’ll be a no go for any shots from here.

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