Merry Christmas! or was it?

T’was the day after Christmas and all through the neighborhood, houses were selling just like we knew they would. Except for with one house the buyers were deft. That one at the top of the hill was the only one left. People were buying, even paying more than they should. Searching for properties and buying almost everything they could. The market was changing, turning around and getting stronger. But one house still sat there. The days on the market kept getting longer.
People would tell us don’t worry it will sell. But waiting’s no fun. My urge to sail I can’t quell. Why this torture this torment this brutal distress. When all that is necessary is an offer on one more address. Oh well its something I can not control, so I’ll sit back and wait and dream my ultimate goal. Sailing oceans, seeing places, meeting people and strange faces. Sipping good beer, spreading good cheer and sharing all of God’s graces.

One response to “Merry Christmas! or was it?

  1. Brian you simply rock. A (what seems to me) simple suggestion is let go and let God. Maybe your resistance of not selling your house has too much focus. Tell God what you want not what you don’t want. Do that for 30 days and lets see your house sell.
    Simple??? If anyone can do this, Brian it is you! Like I said you rock and I love you! Or is it I love you more!
    All smiles,
    Mom D

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