Kylan’s great find!

From Kylan;

“So, im in the Bahamas, after a long day of washing the boat, i took an outing to the beach. SO MANY CONCH SHELLS!!!! i was out swimming pulling random ones up, (super clear water) when i find one that looks like it has dirt in it, i look closer. and the dirt moves. turns out it was an octopus! and brought it to the beach for my parents, and got quite a few great looks at it”

I realize that the photo sucks, but this is the best shot I could get of the little octo.

That is his arm scurrying back into the conch shell.

2 responses to “Kylan’s great find!

  1. Dana Patterson

    Kylan, that is so cool to find a baby octopus. I was told once that when you find many empty conchs that sharks made the pile. Is that true? We were in Antigua snorkeling at the time when we were told that. Let me know.
    Loving you,

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