In the loop

So as of December 4th here is whats happened. We didn’t get Stray Catz back in the water on the last trip like we thought we would before we had to make another trip back to the USA. It wasn’t until 10/30 that we made it back to Guaymas for final prep work and launch. On November 9th Stray Catz was loaded up on a trailer (the same one that pulled her out of the water) and lined up with the boat ramp for an early morning launch. Early morning turned into early afternoon, but she got launched. Then came the task of working out all the bugs.

dscf2093And we still need a dinghy.


After fixing some things that were necessary to motor off, we headed across the bay to anchor in front of the marina that we had first stayed at when we arrived in Guaymas back in 2015. This is the place that 5 or 6 boats had sunk in the hurricane. It is unfortunate that happened, however with a few missing dock fingers, it made it possible for Stray Catz to pull along side and take on water and handle a few other things.

We met up with a young couple who were in the process of buying a boat to go cruising. We hit it off and have been spending a lot of time together. Both are SCUBA instructors with a ton of experience but limited experience with sailing/cruising. Needless to say there is a lot of brain picking both ways. Dee Dee is fluent in Spanish and has been a great help in hunting down parts for Stray Catz.

The plan is to ready S C for the sea and head out to go explore the Baja side of Mexico. We are hoping to be under way in a couple of weeks.


dscf2103Feliz Navidad to all our friends family and followers.



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