Happy New Year from the San Blas

We made it to the San Blas Islands and it’s been an adventure since we got here. It’s a little more civilized than I thought it would be.We bought a sim card for the phone so we could at least get emails at most of the islands we’ve stopped at. Yes there are cell towers here on the mainland and they reach a lot of the islands.

I just wanted to share this video if it will work. We were anchored out when some fishermen came by to sell their catch. One of the items was a small sea turtle. Seeing it was still alive we asked the price. $10. Anna being the great negotiator that she is offered $6. We bought it for $7. I wonder what sea turtle tastes like?

No we didn’t eat it. After the fishermen left we released it. Two days later they were back. Only this time they had two turtles. We talked them down to $7 apiece. Only this time for the release we got in the water with them, and here is the video. ( I hope)

Here are some still shots for you Sam B.


Anna making friends.


Kylan getting hands on marine biology experience.

Fresh conch and turtle.  Yummy! Ok just the conch.

Fresh conch and turtle. Yummy! Ok just the conch.


Kylan releasing the first turtle.








dos tortugas

dos Tortuga

Kylan releasing the first turtle.

Kylan releasing the first turtle.

Turtle belly.

Turtle belly.

Turtle top side.

Turtle top side.









2 responses to “Happy New Year from the San Blas

  1. It is nice to catch up with your blog! I met you guys back in Placencia last year. We were on s/vMokaKat, and our blog is http://www.MokaKat.com. We are back on the dirt for a few years, but hope to be cruising again! Good luck with your travels, and thanks for releasing the turtles!!!! Dale

  2. That’s great! One turtle at a time. (Or two, in this case)

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