Grandparent update,

The quick answer is …. No we are not grandparents yet. As most of you know, we have been hanging out in TN for three weeks now anxiously awaiting the birth of our first grand child. I say anxiously because, while we are excited to meet our little grand angel, our other dream is just waiting for us down in FL.  And I miss it.


We have been making the best of our land locked trip by visiting friends all around eastern and central TN. Our visit to friends Robert & Angela in Knoxville was cut short by a phone call at 3am from Jordan saying she might be in labor.  With a three hour drive ahead of us we didn’t want to risk it, so we quickly packed everything in the car and headed out only to get a call 30 minutes down the road notifying us of the false alarm.


That trip started with  a complimentary trip to the Coal Creek Armory gun range with some of our church friends.  Anna has found a new thrill, and she hasn’t stopped bugging  me to take her back.  Thanks to our friend and financial planner Corey Wilson with Morgan Stanley.  Shooting the fully automatic rifle was a blast, and I think something like that should keep the pirates away. (if only)


This last weekend we spent with our friends Ted & Charlene in Collegedale. Between Charlene’s great cooking and Ted’s personality it’s always a good time there. On our way out of town we got to do some catching up with Greg & Karla. We wish them well on their upcoming mission trip to the Solomon Islands.  Kind of jealous actually. It’ll be a year before we make it that far.


Alas we are back in Murfreesboro just waiting. The baby is late and there is not a lot to do while we wait.  The title of grand parents is still eluding us, but once it’s official we will be sure and let you know, and also we can get headed back to Stray Catz and off on our other adventures.


Untill then…..

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  1. Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to hear about that grandbaby!

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