Drum roll please!!!

Well the survey is done, and we’re waiting for the results. Due to scheduling challenges, the survey has taken two days. There is a lot of boat and systems to look through. It’s almost like going through and inspecting two 40+ foot boats.  John the surveyor needs a day or two to write it up and once it’s in writing we can get the insurance and complete the sale. Those pesky insurance companies sure have a  lot of rules sometimes. The suspense is killing me, and that’s why I say “Drum roll please”

There is a small challenge with the US Coast Guard documentation (registration). You see the boat was built in France way back in 1992 and doesn’t have the correct US format on its Hull ID Number (HID). Which is the equivalent of your cars vehicle identification number. So what that means is, for John to be able to put his stamp of approval on it, he has to contact the company who bought out the company who built the boat in France 20 years ago to verify that that HID is the one for that boat.

Assuming that all goes right, we’ll be on the boat next Monday. Yes that’s right, we have to adjust the countdown timer once again. I hope Mike and Pam know what they got themselves into when they said we could stay with them while we buy the boat. At least I have been able to spend quality time with my Mom while we wait out all the crazy paperwork requirements.

All that being said, we still really want to get on our boat! Maybe just a sail around West Palm Beach?

Watchya got to say about that?