DC and beyond

We made it to Wasington DC in time for Anna’s birthday. The trip up the Potomac river was impressive. The Potomac is a huge river and the banks are lined with mansions, forts, military bases, and large expanses of woods. We saw bald eagles, heron, deer, and many other wildlife. We also saw lots and lots and lots of crab pots. There are a ton of them all over the Chesapeake Bay area. It suprises me we didn’t snag one in the prop there were so many. The approach into DC is pretty impressive since you can see the Washington Monument from quite a ways away. It was hard to recognize with the earthquake retrofit cage around it.

While we were in DC we were wonderfully blessed by a visit from Jordan, Lyra, and Kody. The three of them came out to help Anna celebrate her birthday. We also had the pleasure of a visit from Anna’s aunt and uncle who drove down from Delaware. Unfortunately Kody had to head back right away, but Jordan and Lyra stayed and went with us on the trip back down the Potomac and over to Annapolis. It was so much fun teaching my four month old grand daughter how to sail. We did a weekend stop at Camp Letts just shy of Annapolis to go to a Seven Seas Cruising Association Gam. Meeting so many people who are pursuing a cruising lifestyle is encouraging.

After lots of great family time, Jordan and Lyra left us in Annapolis. Something about a wedding she had to get ready for? We look forward to seeing them again in mid November for the wedding.

We spent a couple of weeks in Annapolis fixing things on Stray Catz and enjoying the boat show. It’s funny how before we bought a boat we would go to boat shows and say if only we had a boat we would buy all this cool stuff, but now we have a boat there is no money to buy. Annapolis is a very cruiser friendly town. With docks to park your dinghy at, at every street that ends at the water. We met back up with a cruiser friend Yoham, that we had met in Charleston. He had made it all the way to New York and was now on his way back south. But this was as far north as we were going to make it.  When the temperature dropped down into the low 40 s, we knew it was time to head south. And that is what we did.


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