Costa Rica

On March 19 on our way out of Panama City, sporting a newly rebuilt alternator we pulled anchor and headed for the fuel dock around the point. Before we completed the 20 minute cruise smoke was billowing out of the engine room. The alternator was rebuilt wrong. This was Thursday, so by the time the shop admitted their mistake and let me know they couldn’t repair the old unit it was Friday and this meant another weekend in P.C. Mad at the shop and depressed we weren’t on our way, I ordered another unit from the USA thinking I could get it in a week. I was right. Thank you Pan Logistics.  On Monday the alternator shop found a brand new unit and were willing to apply everything I had spent on repairs towards the price of the new one. ( as they should have ) I bought it and it works great, but we have to wait for the one from the USA. Oh well another 5 days in P.C.

On March 28 after an afternoon thunderstorm we departed on an overnight trip to a bay called Benao. Billed as a premier surf spot, it lived up to its name.  We anchored, launched the dinghy and were playing in the waves within an hour of arrival. Within three hours we were all very sore. Not too sore to do a little more the next day before we headed out for another overnight trip to the Isla Secas.

Isla Secas are billed as good diving and they too lived up to their name. We anchored in this beautiful little spot almost surrounded by rocks and islands. The sea was calm and the water was a gorgeous aqua-marine color in the mid to upper 80s temperature wise. The anchor spot later turned out to be not as pristine as at first it seemed. The wind picked up in the middle of the night and so did the chop. However other than waking a few extra times to check the anchor there was no problem and in the morning it was just as beautiful as it had been the day before.

We went on a great dive on the opposite side of the island before packing up and heading out on another overnight trip to Golfito, Costa Rica. Business needs meant I was in desperate need of some internet or we would have spent another night in that beautiful spot. We planned on spending no more than two nights in Golfito before continuing up the coast, but we didn’t plan on the Costa Rica being shut down starting Thursday for Easter. And to top it all off, Customs isn’t open on Monday, so that meant at least 5 nights here. As it turned out it’s been 7. Trying to get exit papers required an extra night. Alas we leave in the wee hours of the morning.

We have been able to enjoy the area some. The Scarlett Macaws flying overhead with their beautiful colors. Toucans and Blue Morpho butterflies, more colors. A late evening hike which ended after dark revealed two types of fireflies. Smaller greenish ones more like I’m used to (only they light up at the head not the tail) and another that was an extremely bright orange and flew fast. Actually resembling a fly on fire.

Anymore stops in Costa Rica will be brief  as time is of the essence. No stops in Nicaragua. Then on to El Salvador.



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