Christmas 2016 on Stray Catz

A strong downwind sail for Stray Catz the next day made for a quick 10 mile trip. We stopped off just south of Punta Chuvato at a little village called… Chuvato. When we rounded the corner at the point it became obvious how bad the sea conditions were. There were six commercial shrimp boats in the protected anchorage. If the commercial guys aren’t going out, you know it can’t be good. Just ask Scuba Ninjas who had two sails tear on the trip.

Chuvato is a fly in village. Most all of the residents arrive in their on private planes and the taxiway is the main street. There is a closed down resort there and golf course if you don’t mind the dusty greens.

We met a super nice guy who goes by the name of Steel. He owns the casa next to the boat ramp and plans on opening a cruiser hangout in the near future. I can’t wait.

We stayed only one night, because we really wanted to get out of the wind and waves. The next stop was cove in Bahia Conception called Playa Santispac. We finally found a place that was protected from the strong northerly winds and waves. On the way down, we hooked a fish, but in the high winds and an upcoming gibe (downwind change of direction), we took a picture and released him. If I had known it was a Spanish mackerel and really good eating, I would have tried harder to keep it.


Before that a seagull had spotted our lure and spent some time trying to figure out how to go about capturing it for dinner.

He did finally swoop down and pick it up, but by that time, I had gotten tired of holding the camera on him. He didn’t get hooked and released it.

Playa Santispac is a popular place for campers, and the beach is lined with motor-homes and tents. Some who stay for months at a time. It’s located right next to Mexico Highway 1 at the bottom of a hill, so trucks are coming from both directions using compression brakes making it a bit noisy at times.


It is very pretty there with lots of good snorkeling. The problem was the water was still to cold. There are two restaurants and many entrepreneurs selling water, veggies and meats every morning at the campground. Also located there is a hot spring. Diva must have really enjoyed it, because she didn’t hesitate to jump right in. Anna and I did step in, but it was a little silty/muddy for us to sit and enjoy.


There is easy hitch-hiking into the closest town of Mulege just 13 miles north where there was phone service and internet.

mulege-welcome-arch mugelge-1

After an all night rain, we got up early to give Stray Catz a bath. People who had spotted us were very impressed at our drive, but mostly it was something we should have done in Guaymas, but didn’t want to use our water.


With weather not improving it became clear we were going to spend Christmas there. The good thing was we had met all eight other boats that were stuck there too prior to here, so it was like being with old friends. We had a bonfire on the beach on Christmas eve, eve.


Then on Christmas Day, all the other cruisers came to Stray Catz for a potluck dinner. Seventeen people from five countries all gathered to celebrate. At a Christmas time when we were missing all our family, it was great to be able to still gather and celebrate this special day.

christmas-on-sc christmas-on-sc2 christmas-on-sc3 christmas-on-sc4 christmas-on-sc6 christmas-on-sc7 christmas-on-sc8

A special bonus for both of us, but especially Anna. Whale sharks came and visited the bay. These gentle giants are sharks and grow up to forty feet long. Luckily they are not meat eaters and swim slowly along with their mouths open wide enough to swallow a person, but only eating plankton and tiny stuff that live in the water. One of Anna and mine’s bucket list items is to swim with these giants, and Anna was able to do just that. This was just a juvenile and only about twenty feet long, but still quite impressive.


Watchya got to say about that?