Can someone please help us with a interesting fact?

Ok I know this sounds like an odd request coming from a family of three living on a sailboat, traveling to far away places and seeing so many interesting things, but we are planning to join a cruisers rally with many other boats and many other families (we hope) who also are traveling to far away places and seeing many interesting things. As part of the registration for the rally we are asked to tell the most interesting fact about our boat or our trip to the Pacific. And I’m stumped! With all these other cruisers doing the same thing, what makes us or our boat so interesting? I might be able to come up with some lame fact, but I want something good. I know there are some very creative people reading this blog, so surely one of you can share something really interesting. We need to submit this fairly soon so don’t think about it too long. Just shoot back the first thing that comes to mind.
I’ll make it even more fun. If we pick your response, we’ll send you a post card from a south Pacific island as a thank you. Thanks in advance for all of your responses.

4 responses to “Can someone please help us with a interesting fact?

  1. This is the third chapter in your lifelong quest to overcome the earth. First chapter: interstate trucker to see the world. Second: air traffic controller to see the sky. And now you sail the sea. You see?

  2. Ok lyras already lacking in the postcard department. Say you ticked off an old witch who cursed you with the “bird curse” if you stay in one place or on land too long you’ll all turn into a flock of pigeons.

    • Your so right about Lyra. When I started I had no idea it was so hard to send postcards from Central America. I’m hoping it will be easier in S. Pacifc.
      As far as the bird curse goes, I like it. You have my creative genes.
      Luv you all.

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