Boat shopping…no make that Boat Buying!

After a two-day drive down to So. FL. We made it to my sister’s house near Ft. Lauderdale. Stayed the night at a nice young ladies house in Apopka, FL. Got to see a couple of boats on the way down.  Got up early in the morning to go see a Privilege 44 in West Palm Beach and then on down to Ft. Lauderdale to see a Shuttleworth 45. Liked the spaciousness of the Shuttleworth, but it looked a little worn on the outside. However the Privilege looked great. We liked it so much we went back up there the next day to look at it again. Mulled it over for a day and submitted an offer and believe it or not, it was accepted.

You read it right,                     THE OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!!!!!

Providing everything goes right with the sale of the house, and providing everything goes right with the survey, we will be the proud owners of a beautiful Privilege 44.  You can take a look at it at—Nassua-Bahamas/FL/United-States

at least for a while.

Lots of excitement around this house today.



2 responses to “Boat shopping…no make that Boat Buying!

  1. You da MAN Brian! I can’t wait to try to contact you through HF on the high seas! I’ll be following the blog and you never know, I’m and I may have to fly off to some exotic place to visit y’all! Good on ya!

    • Thank you Fred. I hope we get the opportunity for you and Kim to meet up with us in some exotic local. We’ll give you the chance to show off some of that sailing knowledge you talked about. And of course share some stories over umbrella capped rum drinks.

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