Bashing up the coast! 5/20

After leaving El Salvador We’ve made a mad dash up the coast. Stopping for only a night or two in 4 different spots, Chiapas,  Acapulco, Barra de Navidad, and Mazatlan before arriving here in Guaymas, MX. In other words there were many more nights at sea than anchored or tied to a dock.

After almost a year and a half outside the US we’ll reenter our native country. With Stray Catz secured to a dock here in Guaymas, we’re headed to Phoenix. Everyone is pretty excited to get back to the USA and see many friends and familiy. How that will work exactly is still unclear being as our families are spread throughout the USA.

Our first plan is to buy a car then we can figure out a schedule for the rest. We only have this slip for a month, so other arrangements will have to be made for Stray Catz before we will be able to visit everyone. In other words, some visits will have to be postponed. I’m sorry Lyra. We miss you. Happy birthday to you too. It’s torture having to wait to see you.  Kylan has a list of friends he wants to see. Plus there are a few colleges to visit. Aye yeye yeye! Who said retirement was easy?

After being gone for so long, I wonder how different it will be? How long will I be answering in Spanish? Will I miss seeing three people on a motor cycle? or people standing in the back of a pick up that’s driving down the highway? I guess I’ll find out.


Watchya got to say about that?