Bahamas post poned

The weather has not cooperated and the due date of our Grand daughter quickly approaches, so we will park Stray CatZ and journey by car to TN to get our first Grand Parent thrill.

We found a dock space to rent in Fort Lauderdale for half the price of Palm Beach so we set off on a big adventure just 50 miles down the coast to a new port.

I checked the weather for the trip. Slight chance of thunderstorms, but winds are supposed to swing around to the SE. We should be able to sail and not motor the whole way.  But it was not meant to be. We headed out the channel and turned right. We hugged the shoreline only about 1/2 mile off the coast so we could avoid the north bound gulf stream current. Seas were only about 3 feet, but the winds were light. We put up the sails (yes even the mainsail) Those pesky lazy jacks gave me trouble again, but this time I won the battle.  We still motor sailed because we couldn’t get over 2 knots otherwise.  It wasn’t long before we saw a pod of about a half a dozen dolphins.  Anna saw flying fish and the water and sky color were beautiful.

After about 6 hours into the trip, the sky started getting very dark. It didn’t take long to realize we weren’t going to miss this storm. We put away the sails, put on foul weather gear and life vests just as the first drops started to fall. It got bad. There was this huge water spout about a mile to the SE. The lightning was striking all around the boat and the thunder crashing.  It rained so hard it soaked through my foul weather jacket. God was kind to us though, because Stray CatZ motored right through it all and came out, other than a little soggy, just fine. A excellent testament for a great boat.

Just as the storm was subsiding, we reached Hillsboro inlet, made a right and raced in past the jetty, made a left at the ICW, cruised a few miles south where we picked up my sister and her family. They were kind enough to bring dinner, so we dropped anchor in Lake Santa Barbara and finished off the day having a wonderful evening with family.

6 responses to “Bahamas post poned

  1. The ocean will wait…praying for a safe and healthy delivery!

  2. At least you guys are learning a lot of “stuff” before you set off. If I’m gonna visit I want to know you can handle it. The grandparent thing is awesome even if it does make you feel just a bit older. Stop by and see us if you get a chance.

    • We are learning a lot of stuff before we set off, but in the words of the great Captain Ron “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there”
      Nothing to worry about. Come on down and visit. 🙂

  3. I’ve been in and out of the Hillsboro inlet many times! It can be treacherous at the wrong time. Sounds like you’re learning the ropes on her! Good Stuff!

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