Back in town.

Just got back from our Christmas / New Years trip to AZ, and now it’s back to what needs to be done around here. What needs most to be done is to sell this house. We are trying something different this time. We are interviewing realtors. It is amazing seeing the difference in attitudes and energy levels of the different agents. I must say I’m not all that impressed with the ones that have contacted me because they know the listing expired, but I guess in this market, you get your business any way you can.
We were gone for 2 1/2 weeks and had a great time visiting friends and family. We did a little couch surfing both directions, which is always an adventure, but we stayed with a great family in Elk City, OK coming and going. Which was especially fun for Kylan since they had a daughter his age.
We about froze our butts off in NM staying with Aunt Caroline. Went hot tubing one evening in 12 degree weather. The hair on my head literally was frozen, but the view was awesome (of the night sky, not my hair).
Still looking for a boat name, so feel free to share.

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  1. I thought the name I sent you was a real contender. If only I could remember it. All Smiles, Dana

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