Aqua Verde

We stopped at a spot called Aqua Verde because it was the right distance to avoid an overnight sail and we had read about the goat farmers in the area. Aqua Verde has a small bay that is protected from the prevailing north winds. When we arrived, there were already four boats there. Adding two more, Sea Fern and us, was a bit tricky, but we squeezed in. The next day three of them left. Was it something I said?


There is a small village that includes a tienda, restaurant, goat farms and a fish camp. Having heard about the goat farmers we were intrigued to try the goat cheese. There is also an established hike over the hill to a cemetery and to another beach on the north side of the point.


We hiked the next morning to the cemetery and saw some beautiful views of the bay and surrounding mountains.

aquaverde-hike2 dscf2374 aquaverde-cemetery3 aquaverde-cemetery4 aquaverde-cemetery2

After the hike Anna and Denise visited some local fisherman to inquire about their catch.


Our plan was to enjoy dinner at the local restaurant, but since it is such a small village, we didn’t realize you had to make reservations or they don’t open. I guess when there is so few people around it’s not good business to open up and hope. The next morning we were leaving early, so even though we had seen a herd of goats, we never found anywhere to acquire goat cheese.

After leaving Aqua Verde, we spent two more nights at beautiful anchorages, Honeymoon Cove and Bahia San Francisco on our way to La Paz. We had been out of touch electronically for a while, so we didn’t take the time to enjoy them. I really wanted internet, but as it turned out I didn’t miss much.


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