Monthly Archives: July 2013

Happy 4th of July

We’ve been in St Augustine for almost two weeks and we have had a great time while we were here, but we’ve also knocked off a bunch of projects.¬† Kylan and I tied a safety net a between the lower lifeline and deck all along both sides of the boat. That should keep the dogs from being washed overboard, but it sure was a lot of knots to tie.

We got the mainsail repaired. ¬†That was the easy part. Taking the sail down removing the battens, replacing the battens and replacing the sail back on the boom was the challenging part. Even though we started each time in calm winds, inevitably the wind would pick up at the most inappropriate time. Let me just say there is enough canvas in Stray Catz mainsail that it shouldn’t be loose in the wind and should be in the sail tracks.

We’ve made many other upgrades and maintenance items, some scheduled and some not. I started the engines on Wednesday only to find no water coming out of the exhaust like it was supposed to. So after about three hours of sweltering labor, the starboard engine is sporting a new sea water pump belt and impeller. This gave Anna and Kylan the opportunity to take the dinghy out by themselves and go get the parts needed to make the repairs. There is a lot of shallow areas in the Mantanzas river at low tide. Just ask Kylan.

We are finally coming around to the getting the getting around without a car routine. Anna and I took the wrong bus and ended up walking about two miles. That’s not so far except I was carrying a nice big watermelon. I think we’re getting use to this cruising lifestyle.

Now it’s time to move on, but not before watching a pretty good fireworks show. Nothing compared to Boomsday, but a good show just the same. And from where we were moored, a great place to watch them. On top of all that, with all the small back yard shows we could see we were watching fireworks late into the night.

It’s off to Savannah in the morning. Should be bout a two day sail. If everything goes right. I’ll let you know.

Until then, Happy Independence Day to every one.