Monthly Archives: November 2012

I’m retired now what?

It’s official. I am a retired person. What does that mean exactly? You would think it would mean a lot more time on my hands, and well yes that is partially true, but I seem to be filling the time with out too much trouble.

Since there is no offer on the house yet, we signed up for some sailing lessons in Pensacola, FL. That’s coming up next week and it requires book study. It’s fall in TN so that means leaves to rake. A tenant moved out without notice so I’ve been to Chattanooga three times in as many days fixing and cleaning that place up. Gosh, it seems I’m working awfully hard for being a retired person.

Anna and I caught a matinĂ©e and ran into a retired friend from my morning men’s group. What fun. The movie ended just in time for Happy Hour, so I guess you know what came next.

The whole family is excited about the sailing lessons. Since were not moving onto our own boat, we at least get to enjoy A boat.

You may notice the Countdown To Retirement has been replaced with “Countdown to Christmas” I’m still hoping to be on our own boat by then, and if so, I’ll have a much more definitive answer to I’m retired, now what?

Pirate Party at Barley’s

I had my official retirement party tonight at Barley’s Taproom. What a hoot. Because of all the talk at my work about pirates to watch out for while sailing, we decided to have a pirate themed party. At least pirate or island attire. And despite the conservative people I work with, it was a great turnout in that attire. I owe a big Thank you to all those who showed up and participated in theme dress, and to everyone else who showed up just to say hi.
Thank you Jordan and Cody for coming over from middle TN. Jordan and Anna made an awesome Jolly Roger cake. Hopefully I’ll have pictures to follow of the cake and some of the costumes.
I worked my last midnight shift a couple of days ago. Anna came to work with me and made it a night to remember forever;)
I do still have one more week of work scheduled but chances of me showing up are not that good. I do still have sick leave left you know.
It’s been a great career, but I’m way to excited about starting the next chapter of my life to miss it for too long. And now if someone would just by our house, the next chapter would start.