Monthly Archives: August 2012

Down Sizing?

We are no longer able to park in the garage, much to Brian’s chagrin. We are still going through things and, like Brian said, trying to be ruthless. In the mean time the garage is full of all the things I haven’t decided about or that I want to sell. We did have a garage sale and got rid of tons of stuff, donated a few truck loads to charity, made two trips to the dump, sold a few things on eBay and Craigslist, and given many things to friends. I’m not even sure how we fit so much stuff in a 2000 sq ft house.

I will say our house looks AMAZING now. Luckily we have the most awesome real estate agent who is also an even better friend. Karen and her amazing family helped me not only stage our home, but also to go through many of our things, and with the garage sale.

It is very tempting to just donate everything instead of taking the time and energy to sale it. However, the money from the sale of the extra stuff is all going towards a dive compressor for the boat. It is one of those extras that will enhance our lives so much, but that we don’t really need.