Monthly Archives: July 2012

Hello world!

Ok, just figuring this blogging stuff out obviously.  How hard can it be right. Thank goodness the tech support at GoDaddy are patient and knowledgeable. I guess  it’s kind of like doing repairs and remodel on the house, nothing goes quite as easy as it should. Ah, but once I get the hang of this, watch out world. Kind of like our sailing adventure, once we get the hang of it WATCH OUT WORLD!

The count down continues. I’m now at 67 days until retirement eligibility. Wow, just over two months. There is far too much stuff to do before then. And I find out today I’m supposed to be in court in a few days about a property compliance issue on a property that I don’t even deal with. Along with that, the blah, blah, blah.  I’m sure most of you understand. There is a lot of crap we have to deal with in this world. All I want to do is buy a boat and cast off. I’m much more anxious to deal with those problems. Why did I ever invest in Real Estate? Why did I ever move to TN. I know God has a plan. I hope I can read the blueprints.