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How to speed up time

Well the anxiety is relentless. Still 60 plus days to go and I so want to be sailing already.
Good news is the house goes on the market tomorrow and we may have a buyer for our business. Nothing in stone yet, but at least there is potential.

So how do I make the time go by faster?  It’s not like I don’t have anything to do, but still I spend an awful lot of time calculating number of actual work days compared to number of days worth of both sick pay and vacation.  (Not good there is still at least three weeks of work left.)  Otherwise I’m shopping for a boat or reading Cruising World or The Commodore’s Bulletin from SSCA or Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes.  All this in the approximately 3 minutes and 37 seconds of spare time I have each day.

That’s how I make the time go by. Focus on the dream/ goal.  I know properties have to sell. I know we have to downsize. (Boy do we have to downsize.) How does a family who used to live on a boat just 10 short years ago accumulate so much stuff?  The sad part is how hard it is to get rid of some of this stuff.  How can I possibly be that emotionally attached to such material things?  Another question is how can live without some of this stuff. Electronics like computers routers modems. Game systems like Wii and Wii fit. Dressers, closets full of junk, tools. The list goes on. Oh yeah, focus on the goal!  It does make getting rid of stuff easier.  Anna and I keep telling each other we have to be ruthless when it comes to downsizing. RUTHLESS!!!

 I realize that none of what I’ve mentioned actually speeds up time, but time is a concept. The same amount of time can be too much time or too little time depending on what needs to be done and how you look at it. Like my retirement eligibility date of Sept 27.  There is way to much time until that date, but that is nowhere near enough time to get the things done we need to before then. That’s how you speed up time. Put  it into reality.



Here we go!


Here’s a shot from our recent trip to HI for Skylar & Alison’s wedding

Did you buy a boat yet? and other frequently asked questions…


I thought I would share some of the many questions we’ve been bombarded with since we’ve started sharing our plans of adventure.  The most common one, at least recently, is

Did you buy a boat yet? No, we haven’t bought a boat yet.  We can’t buy a boat until we sell our house.  No, we havn’t listed our house yet, so no we didn’t buy a boat yet.

Followed closely by, Are you looking at boats?  Well yeah!  Daily or weekly or when ever I find the time between fixing up our house for sale, repairing and manageing rentals, servicing ATMs, hanging out with the kids/spouse, screwing off (we’re easily distracted), and a whole host of other items not mentioned here.  Heck yes, we’re looking at boats.

Aren’t you worried about pirates?  Of course were worried about pirates.  Aren’t you worried about home invasions?  Aren’t you worried about car jackings?  What about muggings or random crazy person shooting up a movie theater or bar. ( Absolutly no disrespect to victoms and their frends and families in CO. Our hearts go out deeply to them.)  I use these examples to illustrate that terrible things can happen right here in our own back yards just like they can on the high seas.  Of course we’ll try to avoid going to places known for this type of violence.

What do you do at night when you want to go to sleep?  If we’re on an overnight passage then not everyone will be able to sleep at the same time, but remember, there are three of us on board so making two or three hour shifts per person affords 4 to 6 hour naps for the others.