From Santa Rosalia we made the 10 mile journey over to Isla San Marcos to a little spot called Sweet Pea Cove. With a name like Sweet Pea Cove, how could we go wrong? There were a few small beaches near the anchorage. One with an old fish camp. Anna found many pretty shells and lots of sea glass. It looked like some good hiking up the hillside, but I kept forgetting my boots and my sandals just wouldn’t cut it on the rough terrain.
We did a dive, but there wasn’t anything spectacular. I did finally use the spear gun I had bought in Panama in 2015. Yeah, fish for dinner. But the water is still pretty cold which made for a shorter dive. We had a fire on the beach the first night which was really nice, but even more amazing was the bio-luminescence the next couple of nights. I was throwing some left over food parts into the water and with each splash the entire spray lit up brightly. It looked like a fireworks display. Or more like Tinkerbell touching the water many times with her wand. Each time came another brilliant burst of color. We tried many times to capture it on film without success.
Sweet Pea Cove was a nice, little anchorage, but located just a short distance away is what is now one of our new favorite spots, Caleta de los Arcos. Unfortunately this anchorage has little protection from the prevailing winds, otherwise we would have stayed for a few days. We dinghied through an arch to a beautiful secluded beach. And the underwater world was great.

arcos-stray-catz2 arcos-dinghy-secluded-bch arcos-a-under-arch jelly-fish
Brent and I snorkeled around through the caves and arches in awe of the number of fish and the variety of sea creatures in this small area. Anna and Dee Dee found lots of little treasures on the beach before also taking a gander at the beautiful underwater world. I provided fish for dinner again that night.
The next morning we woke up to 20 knot winds, so as planned we pulled anchor and headed down to what was supposed to be a more protected harbor.
This new anchorage at the south end of Isla San Marcos did not live up to its reputation as protected, so after one night we left and continued on. Sorry Diva, no shore today.

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